When traveling on its own, original and quality content goes as far as the horizon. To reach the “Beyond” we need to carry it, to give it some strategic pushes, like with the help of Facebook Ads. Reach New Ports, Piracy Free Each day we try to become more and more accessible, so that those who may be looking to find us, really do. After all, we can’t afford to lose likes, shares, followers, fans, reach, visits, engagement… each one, within its dimension and nature, adds value to our business. But organic results often meet an invisible wall that blocks the content, keeping it fromRead More →

What is a salesman? Why do we think of them as someone annoying? The answer is simple; we%u2019ve grown tired of them. I’ll start this text by stating that I’m a terrible salesman. Approximately a year and a month ago I officially joined the salesmen circle. I closed my first sale in October and my sales manager was actually nice enough to even send me an email stating that I was now the “Brad Pitt of Sales”. At the time I didn’t know what it meant exactly, given that I was already focused on looking for the next sale – just like any other salesman,Read More →

The most common conceptions lead us to believe that the brightest ideas are the result of an Eureka moment, spontaneously expelled from the brightest minds of the Human Spectrum; a natural disposition that leads them to turn vacuum into inspiration, without even breaking a sweat. But if we get back down to earth, and thoroughly analyze this conception, we will quickly realize how difficult it is to find one invention that wasn’t build from the combination of different data fragments, coming together into a genius final form. Many may be disappointed when facing the fact that ideas don’t always represent isolated inspiration moments. In theRead More →

Establishing a target audience is exactly the opposite of drawing a target on the back of the people you’re aiming for. Actually, what you do is to erase them. Each one of us is born with a tattooed target; establishing limits for a campaign is like erasing the targets from those who will not be affected by the message you’re firing. Socially Accepted Knowing the boundaries of your niche is one of the secrets to successful marketing. That initial erasing process is therefore essential; but, thanks to the development of new technologies, it is also a very simple one. How close the shot gets toRead More →

Ever since I was a little boy, my grandma took every chance she could find to teach me a lesson. I thank her for that, every day of my life. She believed that nothing could ever come easy. Life never just handed it out to her, she had no faith in luck. For her, the only time the phrase “everything happens for a reason” made sense was if that reason was “effort”. But she didn’t talk about this need to suffer in exchange of happiness with a grudge for life, or as an inevitable destine. When we went on walks through her garden, grandma wouldRead More →

Eli the Computer Guy has recently reviewed BeAnywhere Support Express. He is one of those Computer Technicians who actually has a life. And a crazy one too! We have been fans for several years now, what made this review even more relevant for everyone. He was able to translate into simple concepts all the features added to BASE through the course of time. It’s not that we don’t believe in our product, but it is always nice to hear such feedback from a guy known by his “ability” to find the bad side of everything. Well, he didn’t found ours – maybe because there isn’tRead More →