“You can buy a man’s time, you can buy a man’s physical presence at a certain place, you can even buy a measured number of skilled muscular motions per hour or day. But you cannot buy enthusiasm, you cannot buy initiative, you cannot buy loyalty; you cannot buy the devotion of hearts, minds, and souls. You have to earn these things.” Clarence Francis (1973) ex. Chairman of General Foods Corporation For a company to be profitable, its income must surpass its costs. The sales department job is to ensure that the company reaches as much income as possible. The account manager has the responsibility toRead More →

How many times have you search the keywords “Remote Support” and the search engine returned a list of our competitors that made you come to the following conclusion: “Everything looks the same”. Everyone has remote support for all kinds of technical problems; they all monitor any computer, server or web, 24/7… So, how do you make a decision? Search for solutions that recognize your unique work strategies, look for simplicity in the product’s demonstrations; know that they will accompany your account passionately, showing willingness to help you and clear out any doubts that may arise – someone who is ready to walk in your shoes.Read More →

Less than two months after our last release, here is a new version of Support Express with new features and corrections to provide you the best professional remote support experience for Windows and Mac computers. The new BASE 5.50 RC brings a new Agent for Mac, enhancements to the workflow, more speed, more management options – all of this being COMPLETELY FREE to our current customers. Although classified as a release candidate, this is the recommended version for production scenarios, at least until December, when we plan to release new STABLE binaries. For more details on each feature, please check the product manual, which wasRead More →

The daily life of an Account Manager can be indeed stressing, due to the eternal challenge of getting results. All that it takes is motivation and facing each day as if it were a new found mission! Now here I am, writing my first testimonial as a BeAnywhere Account Manager. It was a month ago, precisely, that I started this new adventure, still oblivious to what I would have coming my way. After the short period of time that has gone by, I can only state that the challenge still remains. The goals don’t cease from ending now that, with the unveiling of new days,Read More →

In a previous post we wrote about how companies should engage in Social Media activities in order to get brand recognition and thus better explore their fan base (separating themselves for a minute from that “harsh” technologic image). But Social Media is turning into a broad concept, with new platforms coming up every day and old ones constantly changing the rules of the game (generally for the better, I must add), so that they too keep up.So now, let’s go back to basics. It seems ridiculous to make such a statement, since the basics of Social Media don’t go that far back, but everything moves atRead More →

When creating an interface, regardless of its nature or purpose, it is vital to respect a set of rules and principles common to the whole arrangement. From a designer point-of-view, here are the five principles that matter the most. End-User Focused Before even beginning to draw a single pixel, think about the users to whom the interface is destined – to which age group they belong, how digital-savvy are they or their professional background (among other factors). This should be the starting point of the planning that will follow. Other usability choices, like the position of the elements on the interface, the language used orRead More →

From the US, to France, from Brazil to Norway – each country upholds individual specifications and competitive strengths. This uniqueness must not be overlooked, hence the need for different strategies according to different markets, with no resource to methodology “recycling”. Today’s Business World has brought countries and, consequently, their internal markets closer, creating a stronger sense of interdependence. However, markets can’t help but preserve several very specific characteristics that fallow each region’s culture or national history. Why Create a Partner Program? In that sense, the introduction and integration of partners focused on specific national markets arises as a primary business need: they are the onesRead More →