Whether you’re looking for establishing a new business, keeping it afloat or trying hard to excel within a specific focus niche, market research will be your most powerful ammo. Find out what you’re up against and if your company can handle all the punches that it will most certainly take. Competitor Analysis The first thing you need to do when building a new business our when updating existent products is to acknowledge the competition. Find out how to match your services with other market offers and then aim to domain. Are you, most importantly, distinguishing your company and offering something extra to prospective buyers? LookRead More →

According to Edward Lorenz’s Chaos Theory, even the slightest, smallest, most (apparently) insignificant event is able to trigger abysmal repercussions on the surrounding environment: like the flapping of a butterfly’s wings traveling to the other side of the World and arriving in a form of a hurricane. When this theoretical conception is passed on to sociology, the small acts of comradery and team spirit are enough to create an individual personal transformation that soon moves on to have a global impact. Motivation many times feeds from recurrent achievement, but is also originated by the positivism exhaled by fellow co-workers. So it is safe to sayRead More →

We’ve talked about how to use BeAnywhere Support Express to your clients’ advantage, since that’s the purpose of your work and ours. There is a lot of buzz around clients’ feedback and integrating it into the solution, so feel free to push our buttons and demand that kind of service. As a result, we aim to be as prepared as possible by predicting different scenariosdifferent scenarios and then projecting a way of dealing with them into the solution that then goes off to other businesses, as we have previously discussed in relation to the system shell. We are privileged enough to be able to harnessRead More →

When unveiling to the outside world, a brand must completely strip itself from all proverbial sentences and catchphrases – precisely for that: no brand should cover itself in a big cliche cloth; instead, it should fully reveal itself with no embarrassment, proudly owning the distinctive shapes that make it unique. That said, I will now proceed to disrespect the good Marketer’s Guide by willingly disregard this one basic communication rule: “genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration”. The well-known expression is attributed to Einstein. The German physicist surely wasn’t thinking about marketing content when he came up with it; but the fact is that the thoughtsRead More →

Why?! Because there are still two whole weeks left to discover businesses and reach the daring goal set at the beginning of the month that just felt unreachable. Now, giving it a closer look, I can almost touch it. It’s as if the sun appeared before the 30th of September storm: my heart beat races, blood pressure through the roof, dilated bronchi and even digestion difficulties keeping me from taking it all in. ADRENALINE rushes. Since I don’t engage in regular extreme sports, I channel these kinds of emotions throughout the last weeks of each month. Although I must confess that this commotion suits me;Read More →

Let’s say that my input to this blog comes as the conclusion of a cycle, since we are now heading for a second round of posts. If you’ve been reading our recent articles, you know what it has been like: there were a lot of frustrations being poured out, but always with a happy ending and a warmth felt conclusion. The goal of having everyone share their BeAnywhere experiences, from the inside, is to not only connect as a team, but to connect with our clients, partners and users as well. IT is in its core classified as a “cold” and “harsh” industry, where everythingRead More →

When we look at what it means to be a sales person everyone always points out to the definition of “someone who sells something”. As a customer I understand how annoying it can be to have every day someone calling to try to pitch something that most of the times, let’s be honest, none of us really need! As a sales person myself, I believe being a sales person is far more than the minimalist definition of the guy that calls me every day to try to sell me stuff but doesn’t even know how to say my name or for which company I workRead More →