Visit our YouTube channel and watch our videos to learn more about the Support Tickets feature. The support tickets are basically a tool built for clients, but technicians can customize how these are presented to customers. The ticket form can be customized in the Admin Area, through the Management tab. For more information check the video.Read More →

Today’s businesses are moving on; companies are relying in remote workforces in order to simplify tasks as most as possible. Remote workers are acknowledged as a more practical option for companies in any department or sector. For that reason, companies are betting on chat and VoIP to communicate and share mission-critical resources using cloud networks. Even when employees work far away from the office, the executives should not fear innovative opportunities like remote support because it involves a deep and secure connection between people who work from home. These technologies unavoidably evolved over the years into what they are today: these services allow the useRead More →

Visit our YouTube channel and watch our videos to learn more about Calling Cards features. The Calling Cards are always available to be dropped on a client’s computer. From that moment on, they will be there, ready to be clicked on and able to help a client whenever necessary. For more information check the video.Read More →

Auditing and reporting tools are becoming “must haves” of any remote solution. Providing support is more than assisting clients with a problem; having a rigorously controlled system is the way to really save time and money. The inSight Lite Edition allows the auditing of one or more devices. As a result, this feature presents a lot of benefits. For instance, it allows the reception of detailed reports about the activities performed in the designated devices, as well as detailed information about those same devices. It’s really simple to start an audit. In admin area, you just need to click on the Reports button and thenRead More →

Visit our YouTube channel and watch our videos to learn more about survey feature. A survey has obvious advantages, being a tool that opens a communication channel for clients, enabling them to provide feedback about the remote support. For more information check the video.Read More →

Studies are very clear: remote workers tend to be more productive than office workers. And the cause seems to be the freedom to plan their own schedules. It’s only natural that organizations are encouraging their staff to work remotely; leaders and administrators are beginning to recognize the importance of working from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Every business is always on the lookout for a competitive edge, and employees continuously connected to the office can make a difference when there’s an urgent mail waiting to be answered or a serious problem needing to be addressed “as we speak”. So staying at home isRead More →