BeAnywhere Admin Area provides many different ways to integrate remote desktop technicians, allowing a more unified experience to every client. BeAnywhere can be easily integrated in a form of a support request button placed in your website. You’ll just need to copy the code provided in the Admin Area and paste it to your website’s code. Another possibility is the use of APIs. This option allows you start a new session without having to use the console. You can take advantage of an API that generates remote desktop sessions from outside the tech console (from your CRM software, for instance) or even built-in the CallingRead More →

Visit our YouTube channel and watch our videos to learn more about Chat and VoIP features. Thanks to the Chat and VoIP features IT Support technicians can communicate with clients or among themselves in real time, during a remote support session or before. For more information check the video.Read More →

As any modern company will know, IT technicians have to deal with a lot of issues and troubles at office, such as: hard printers, email sputters, lost documents on the server or even tricky computers. Most problems are common, naturally, but the technicians frequently waste a lot of time solving them. As time does not multiply, important tasks may be getting postponed due to urgent problem-solving. As a result, organizations are implementing remote support tools. The reason is simple: fixing issues remotely saves the tech support some time. Evidently, online support solutions provide operational remote access to several remote users at every organization, professional orRead More →

Visit our YouTube channel and watch our videos to learn more about File Transferring. You can use the Transfer Files tab to, obviously, transfer any file or folder between both machines involved in a remote session. But not just that… Check our video to learn all about it.Read More →

BeAnywhere Support Express Proxy is a very important tool (well, they all are) that enables a technician to connect to a remote machine even when no internet connection is established. The BASE proxy can be configured to restrict which Agents or Applets are certified to use it and it can also blind to various network connectors. Obviously, this feature is entirely clear and supports every single feature on BeAnywhere. It also has flexible configuration, being capable to run as an application, with restricted privileges, but also as a Windows Service. BASE Proxy Server supports two kinds of connections: Standard and Direct Connect. In Standard optionRead More →