No matter what you’re selling, promoting, offering, providing… call as you please, but in the end, it’s always about the client. It’s essential to know if the client is happy and there’s no better way of knowing that other than just asking for their opinion. A survey has obvious advantages, being a tool that opens a communication channel for clients, enabling them to provide feedback about the remote support (mainly positive, everyone hopes). So, when you are using a remote support solution, the best time to ask for the client’s feedback will be during a remote support session or even immediately after it ends. It’sRead More →

Today’s budgets and resources are scarce, so many companies are seeking technical advances that can help them do more with less. Technology is an always evolving beast. Keeping up with the rhythm of the support demands can be tricky. And expensive. Employees also need to be kept satisfied and up to date with all company tools. With a remote support service, IT companies see the evolution issue resolved – a true service has ongoing updates from day one – without ever interrupting their basic needs with trainings and revamps: log and track incidents, deliver client self-service, manage servers, deliver live assistance, support unattended computers, takeRead More →

Any client with the BeAnywhere Agent installed on his computer is obviously able to require remote support assistance at any time. But there’s something else only them can do: generate a support ticket. The support tickets are basically a tool built for clients, but technicians can customize how these are presented to customers. The ticket form can be customized in the Admin Area, through the Management tab. In this section, technicians can define the text that will be showed at the top of the ticket form, maybe using it to explain what the client should do next: the standard procedure is just to fill outRead More →

Less than a month after the launch of BASE 5.01, we are bringing you a BETA version with new features and tweaks. This version adds on 5.01, so although is labeled as beta, it’s completely stable and can be used by everyone. What’s new: CONSOLE/VIEWER: NEW! Low Bandwidth Color Mode A new JPEG mode was added, combining heavy image compression with a limited color space, making it ideal to extreme situations where the bandwidth is scarce but color needs to be used. UPDATED! System Information with more data System Information now includes the Windows Updates policies applied to the machine, which makes it easier toRead More →

Technology is always reinventing itself (fortunately!), almost every time with the purpose of making things seem easier. People who use remote support software know this very well, as they can work from home and maintain a great level of competence and productivity. Remote solutions expand the work possibilities, mainly due to the flexibility and independence that provides both to businesses and to the workforce. It’s easy to guess that, if given the choice, most people would prefer working from home (no more traffic jams in the morning, no more stressful office environment, no more bad coffee). However, you do need self-discipline to work remotely. RememberRead More →

Today’s organizations are betting in useful technologies that satisfy their wishes in different aspects. They assume (and they’re right) that is mandatory to change from a reactive to a proactive approach. That%u2019s where monitoring tools come into the picture. RMM – Remote Monitoring and Management – is the answer for companies and organizations looking to be one step ahead. And, naturally, contribute to customer’s satisfaction in the process. These type of solutions help to boost consumer service levels (you’re always more ready to deal with a situation, sometimes preventing a problem even before the customer notices any kind of danger), save time and money, and,Read More →

BeAnywhere’s Admin Area offers a ton of different functionalities and options. It’s a world of possibilities and we offer you an helping wizard to guide you through it. When first visiting the Admin Area you will be welcomed by a Wizard. Not a real one. This feature has the responsibility to help guide you through the Admin Area basic settings (don’t worry, you can access the Wizard window at anytime – just click over the link located on the right side of the Admin Area homepage). Through the Wizard you’ll be able to customize your Profile basic settings, like your professional identification. Next, the InitialRead More →

Did you remember the last time you really wanted to transfer a file and you had no way to do it? Well, FTP, also known as File Transfer Protocol, can be the answer to your prayers. File Transfer Protocol is frequently used to transfer files from one host to another through the Internet. It’s also used to upload documents and web pages from a private workstation to a public web-hosting server. Naturally, it requires a number of ports to connect with clients; those ports need to be identified in the server, both for control and for data connection. First of all, you need to ensureRead More →