This new version builds on the immensely successful release of BASE 5.0 and provides some minor tweaks, along with a couple of new features. We will push this update to all our customers so that everyone will be able to enjoy this last version, taking advantage of the most current feature set and the best access experience. Please don’t forget to update! Applet: – NEW! Custom Field in the Initial Form. It is now possible to, in the Admin Area (under “Profile>Applet Setup>3. Initial Form”), enforce a Custom Field by presenting a customizable error message. This field is visible at the “Request Details” pane ofRead More →

Probably you know a technician who starts a remote support session with a great confidence to solve the problem and then abruptly realizes that he has no idea how to solve it. If you recognize this scenario, don’t worry. BeAnywhere allows you to transfer a session to another technician or department, if things start getting difficult. There are three different ways to do it: prior to the creation of a new PIN Code (1); just before the acceptance of a support request (2); during a support session (3). 1 – Prior to the creation of a new PIN Code In the console’s homepage, the technicianRead More →

Security is one of BeAnywhere’s biggest concerns. As a result, with the objective to improve the global levels of security of all communications and support procedures, clients are able to setup a Master Password on a computer where they have BeAnywhere Agent installed. This simple possibility diminishes security breaches potential associated with system configurations or with the leak of BeAnywhere credentials. Needless to say, setting up a Master Password is even more recommended on computers with key roles or sensitive information. You can setup a Master Password in few little steps. It’s very simple. You just need to open the BeAnywhere Agent configuration window onRead More →

With BeAnywhere Calling Cards, your company will be the one any potential customer will call in moments of need. The Calling Cards are always available to be dropped on a client’s computer. From that moment on, they will be there, ready to be clicked on and able to help a client whenever necessary. To begin with, the technician just needs to create a download link from which the client will transfer the small file; the client only needs to follow this link and install the application on his workstation. As simple as that! Using Calling Cards has a ton of benefits: the first one isRead More →

Security is the main worry for remote support tools’ users. However, for an IT manager it’s mandatory to ensure the productivity of workforces and improve profits. Reports can be a great help when it comes to control all business monitoring needs. The judgment will be better when in possession of the key metrics that show the capacities and performance of the technicians and, at the same time, provide you a measurable insight of the business and all related processes (in order to improve). Through BeAnywhere Admin Area, IT remote technicians can access this feature and enjoy a variety of possibilities. It’s even possible to microRead More →

A good communication leads to successful problem solving. For that reason we can highlight the biggest advantages of chat and VoIP during a remote support session. Thanks to the Chat and VoIP features IT Support technicians can communicate with clients or among themselves in real time, during a remote support session or before. The main objective is obvious: speed up the procedures. But there are other advantages, like receiving feedback from a job (hopefully) well done. From the technician’s perspective, chat helps diagnose a problematic situation and undertake the most appropriate action; from the client’s perspective, it allows to reduce the downtime, increase productivity andRead More →

BeAnywhere Support Express is a remote support solution chosen by the technical support services of Pcmedic. Pcmedic, the biggest IT service company in Portugal, has chosen BeAnywhere Support Express as the perfect tool for their main area of intervention: the technical support for final, domestic or business users. In an infrastructure with over a hundred technicians and true to the company’s efficiency, availability and customer care philosophy, BeAnywhere Support Express features guarantee a perfect fit in the pcmedic’s approach: “available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.” Only in 2010, pc medic provided more than 500,000 support sessions, a number that demands flexibility, speed and effectiveness, characteristics sharedRead More →

Online remote support is a possibility that can reward companies of all dimensions, regions and trades. In modern days, we need to understand that there are remote users at every organization, professional or less professional. Getting things done remotely is a way of living (and working) you can find in any town, any state, any country; thus, helpdesk actions need to follow this rhythm, helping in the pursuit of maximum competence and productivity. Obviously, all of us know what a competitive world is this where we are living in. So IT technicians need to strain every day to provide the best quality service in anRead More →

Find out the real gains for organizations when they decide to invest on remote support solutions. Nowadays companies (most of them) are depending on IT services up and running, for that reason technicians are always looking for new methods to provide a reliable support, boost productivity and decrease IT costs without endangering network security. It’s not an easy stuff! Remote support software is also known as remote access software which permits to connect a computer through web and share desktop remotely. We can highlight that the main goal of remote support software is help friends, family and clients or even connect with others computers (alwaysRead More →

Monitoring systems, obviously, can help technicians pay attention on the health of critical client servers and networks. Monitoring systems, obviously, can help technicians pay attention on the health of critical client servers and networks. It’s representing a perfect answer to become their job easier and more productive. For sure, just with a proactive monitoring (and effective performance, don’t forget that!) is possible to alert in real-time for problems that can damage workstations. Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is an add-on for remote support solution and the biggest advantage is the possibility to alert technicians when known tolerances are being reached, or it is exceeding availableRead More →