A single tool that can be useful to all BeAnywhere users. Technicians can check pat diagnoses and interventions. Clients can check what was made on their computers. Managers can keep an eye on the business flow. For the client receiving the remote support, security can be a major concern. For a helpdesk manager, team performance assessment is vital when conducting the business in the right direction. Reports can be an answer to both those worries. Not the only answer, of course, far from it, but a tool to easily rely on. The always accessible admin area stores this powerful feature, providing administrators the ability toRead More →

Imagine your company name on a business card delivered to someone who just bought a computer system on the local store. That business card not only states your contacts and eagerness to help, but also a calling card link ready to be used as a warranty, for free, during, shall we say, 30 minutes. What comes from that? For people in distress, BeAnywhere Calling Cards are no more than buttons on their desktop pressed in the moments of need. And they%u2019re right. For service providers, though, Calling Cards can be much more than that. This advanced remote support tool can also be an intelligent businessRead More →