Through the Admin area, in the Profile section, it is possible to change several configuration options associated to the profile of the company. To begin with, in the Identification tab, under Profile, you can start by defining biographical details about the company and add the company logo to improve brand awareness. You can also define the expiration date of your calling cards, add a calling card prefix and set the desired username and password. You can also change it whenever you need. If desired, you can also limit the access to both the Admin Area and the Tech Console by only authorizing specific IP addresses.Read More →

Communication is the best way to solve any technical problem. The biggest part of the process is to understand what is wrong and that is why it is so important to establish a clear communication channel. While phone calls and emails still remain important communications vehicles in any business, neither of these actually provides the immediate resolution answer that your customers are really asking for. With the chat and VOiP features that BeAnywhere provides to its users, technicians can quickly respond to their customer requests, while performing a remote support session. This means that technicians can provide a real-time conversation, oral and written, whenever theyRead More →

Making promises you can deliver can hurt you in the long run. Remember that you are using the best-in-class remote support service. So if you cannot solve it sooner than later, no one else cans. One of the main concerns for every business owners is the happiness of their customers. And the end of the day, that is what really matters the most. All good comes from that. So, there are plenty of techniques that will help improve customer satisfaction and, lucky us, you can use them for your advantage. First of all, it is important to find out why customers are unhappy. Only afterRead More →

Despite the distance, remote workers can stay connected to other staff members and feel like part of the team. They also can be monitored, like all of their colleagues. Nowadays, having employees working in different places, sometimes on the other side of the world, does not have to be an issue. On the contrary. A dispersed work team does not necessarily mean that they are disconnected from each other. Technology allows employees, and everyone else for that matter, to stay connected even if they are miles apart. In order to keep employees satisfied, motivated and connected, it is important to take a few measures. WheneverRead More →