Always look for a solution that has a fast and simple connection, flexible incident resolution, management tools and, of course, security. That is why BeAnywhere is what you should have in mind. In this day and age there is absolutely no excuse for companies that use support tools that do not meet the needs of their employees and customers. Using the wrong tools can cause lost revenue and poor employee productivity. Once a company starts to have huge costs mainly because of the way they function, a new method should be implemented immediately. To choose the right remote support tool a few practices should beRead More →

Excelling your company remote support services when relying in a free solution is like racing in NASCAR while riding a motorcycle. Someone is going to get hurt Expanding and supporting your business requires a share of hard work, investigation, a lot of planning and focus on execution. This usually should be hand in hand with loads of patience, specifically when it comes to serving and supporting your customers. If a customer is considering requesting your company services, or already has, he will expect, with every right, to expect total support from your part. If you, by any chance, fail to support this needs and demands,Read More →

Why remote support makes companies and IT Support technicians life happier and easier The list of remote support advantages starts here and could go on and on. With remote support there will be a decrease in phone call volumes. Most problems will be solved instantly, so customers do not have to call back over and over again to check on their situation. Also, whenever an IT Support technician does not know how to solve a problem on the computer, he does not have to call the customer later with an answer. There is always the possibility to transfer a session to a different technician. CustomerRead More →