Even when the remote machine has no internet connection, BeAnywhere offers the possibility to reach it, through a dedicated and completely secure Proxy Server. BeAnywhere Support Express Proxy Server can be used on different circumstances, such as when the remote machine has no internet connection or when it connects to the internet using an unsupported type of proxy or authentication. That is why it can be such a valuable tool. The Proxy Server must be installed on the remote LAN, on a computer with free access to the Internet, but also on a computer that is not reachable by the BASE Agents and Applets. IfRead More →

Safety is BeAnywhere’s top priority. So a simple password could not be enough. Learn how to use a Master Password and build an extra layer of protection around yourself. BeAnywhere values top security. So, in order to increase the global protection policy of the BASE infrastructure, users can setup a Master Password on all computers where BeAnywhere Agent is installed. This is an extremely important feature that should not be overlooked, because it reduces security breaches that are related with incorrect system configurations or with the leak of BeAnywhere credentials. On machines with sensitive information or that perform important key roles on their respective networks,Read More →

Diagnosing a clients problem can be as simple as pressing a button. Then press another and the issue is solved, without leaving your chair. When an IT Support technician is performing a remote support session to a customer, he has the ability to consult important information about the computer being assisted, through the System Info tab. The System Info tab provides an extensive variety of information concerning the assisted remote computer. Thanks to this feature, the technician has the authority to easily consult several parameters related to hardware configuration, computer components, system drives, windows services, which software is installed on the computer and many otherRead More →

Provide a support service available 24/7, even when your technicians aren’t momentarily ready to attend a customer. Any computer with BeAnywhere Support Express installed, not only can, obviously, request for immediate remote support assistance, but can also create a deferred support ticket that will later be dealt with by the support team. A support ticket form can be customized through the Admin Area, in the Management tab under the name Tickets, where it is possible to setup the form as desired. IT Support technicians can define the introductory text that will be used on the ticket creation form plus selecting the presenting language. It isRead More →