Remote Support is way more than just desktop sharing. Harness the raw power of the Command Lines and provide a full throttle support service. Most of the remote desktop or system administration tasks can be executed at a low level, not necessarily requiring a full remote support connection. On those circumstances, a command line is much faster and flexible to use than desktop sharing. It also has the advantage of being much less bandwidth demanding and the ability to circumvent some issues. For instance, every so often, during support sessions, the remote graphical environment may be damaged or unresponsive. On those scenarios, BeAnywhere Support ExpressRead More →

BeAnywhere Inc., a world leader in remote access and remote support technologies for SMB and Domestic Users, has launched today its most recent version of Support Express, the Windows remote support solution for companies of all sizes. With BeAnywhere Support Express, companies can deliver instant, on-demand remote support to any computer in the world, even through firewalls or non-standard Internet configurations. Support providers or internal helpdesk departments can manage, maintain and control unattended computers, as well as assisting several machines simultaneously to increase productivity. Support Express uses a blazing fast, proprietary peer-to-peer network protocol that is up to 30% faster than similar technologies. It isRead More →

BeAnywhere’s user-friendliness starts right from the beginning, letting you concentrate on what you’re doing to help a customer, rather than in what to do to help yourself. Once the console is installed on a computer, all that is needed is to undertake the necessary login procedures. That is it. If one of your computers still needs a BASE installment, please feel free to download the latest support version from our website. When the Start Screen of the Console appears, those who already have an account only need to enter a valid email address and password and press the Login button. However, if an account isRead More →

Starting a remote support session is easy, fast and secure. Learn the procedures that better suit your business standards and meet your clients demands. Whenever a customer desires to start a remote support session, the IT Support technician can easily generate a PIN Code and rapidly present it to the customer. Each of these codes has a twelve hour validation period, so the client is able to launch a request at his convenience. To access the Generate a PIN Code option, the tech only needs to click the Start New Session button, presented in the Console. By simply clicking in the six number string, theRead More →