The console homepage offers any technician multiple options, all of them built to offer a more seamless experience to all users. In both machines, remote and local, BeAnywhere strives to provide the most efficient, reliable and secure connection and assistance tool. In the initial window of the IT Support technicians console it is possible to access the request details provided by the customer, in case the client chooses to do so. These details are editable, a very useful feature to use in possible future sessions, enabling the technician to save some time when answering a call from that same machine. Once a support request isRead More →

Manage with ease the list of computers where BASE Agent is installed. Through the Admin Area a support remote administrator can access the entire list of computers and run the necessary definitions and hierarchy. Through the Admin Area, when accessing My Computers in the Management tab, BeAnywhere grants the remote support managers full access to a list of computers where BeAnywhere is installed as a Windows Service, for unattended remote desktop access. Managers have the ability to use groups to organize computers, specify which IT Support technicians have access to each computer group and to edit each computers settings. By selecting any of the computersRead More →

Let yourself be welcomed by the Admin Area Startup Wizard and rapidly edit your account the way you want. A couple of minutes is all you need to be ready to start providing your own remote support service! When accessing the Admin Area for the first time, a Wizard window will pop up, welcoming remote support managers to this web based BeAnywhere Support Express back office. This assistant helps Administrators to setup some important features about his account. Note that the Wizard window can be accessed at anytime, not just automatically in the first visit, through the link placed on the right side of theRead More →

BeAnywhere allows an array of integration options, enabling remote support technicians to reinforce brand awareness and to offer every customer a perfectly seamless experience. BeAnywhere Admin Area provides advanced integration options to remote desktop technicians, allowing a more seamless experience to every customer. One of the possibilities is to integrate BASE within a company web site, so customers can send a remote support request directly from the web site, just by clicking a button. This option will reinforce brand awareness for the remote support company, allowing the integration of BeAnywhere services with their other products and services. The aesthetics of this remote support button canRead More →