BeAnywhere has recently launched a new version of Support Express: BeAnywhere Support Express 3.5. One of the numerous new enhancements available on the new version is the brand-new Panic Button, a groundbreaking remote support exclusive feature, straight from the BeAnywhere Labs. The Panic Button main purpose is as a clear as it is useful: to prepare BeAnywhere remote support solution for the unexpected. This feature has been deliberately conceived to assist users in special circumstances, emergency situations that request full-throttle from your remote support solution. For instance, imagine a virus outbreak or a complete meltdown of the communication hardware. When facing an all hands onRead More →

BeAnywhere, the European leading provider of SaaS remote access and remote support solutions, has launched a new version of its cloud remote support solution for Windows: BeAnywhere Support Express v3.5. BeAnywhere users will be able, from this day on, to enjoy all the new features presented on the new 3.50 BASE. Already available for download, this new iteration is packed with enhancements. This new version gives technicians the chance to KickOut other techs, to deal with situations when the amount of techs simultaneously logged in exceeds the maximum allowed. Other extraordinary situations, like a virus outbreak, can now be dealt trough a Panic Button %u2013Read More →