12th of the month – Let the good times roll

12th of the month – Let the good times roll


Because there are still two whole weeks left to discover businesses and reach the daring goal set at the beginning of the month that just felt unreachable. Now, giving it a closer look, I can almost touch it.

It’s as if the sun appeared before the 30th of September storm: my heart beat races, blood pressure through the roof, dilated bronchi and even digestion difficulties keeping me from taking it all in. ADRENALINE rushes. Since I don’t engage in regular extreme sports, I channel these kinds of emotions throughout the last weeks of each month.

Although I must confess that this commotion suits me; the expectation that settles in these last decisive days makes me resemble a child waiting for Christmas morning. From the despair caused by those who refuse to decide to the rejoice of the new found “lovers”:

“Did I get this right? So, the calling cards will allow me to make predictions about income, clients and time management?”

“I mean, with this Admin Area I don’t even need an office!”

Tickets just make it that much easier for the client to explain his/her problem… And for me to understand him.”

“Really? A report feature in this kind of software?” “Wow, my business just took a new turn because… You see, if I can supervise systems through this data, I won’t even have to make half of the remote control interventions I normally do!”

And after the spoken word, that feels so good, comes the annual Corporate Edition 5 license subscription (which files me with equal joy. Maybe more even… yes, definitely more).

When the last day comes the calculator never leaves my side… And neither does the phone. It’s time to make those decisive calls that make or break selling promises lasting for 3 days now which linger through final formalities, indifferent to our anxiety. And a few gray hairs later: GOAL MET! Decompression replaces expectation and a whirlwind of feelings settles in: relief (from a duty well done), gratitude (team wok is priceless) and pride (another obstacle overcomed).

Before leaving I look back to the sales board for a last look, in order to engrave the moment in my tired mind. Because tomorrow it’ll be back to zero!!!

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