SolarWinds N-able, a global leader in remote monitoring and management (RMM) and service automation software, today announced a new remote control access and support platform that allows managed service providers (MSPs) on-demand, secure remote access to their customers’ computers. The new cloud-based software is called SolarWinds® N-able MSP Anywhere and was acquired as part of the company’s recent purchase of BeAnywhere™. Read the full press releaseRead More →

Now with automatic agent updates! Admin Area NEW! Time zone adjustment on events – Up until now we were using two sets of times on our Admin Area: local machine time to show events inside of sessions and UTC time for everything else. We will continue to use local machine times when it makes sense (and we marked those situations more clearly around the site) but the rest of the times (the majority) will be displayed in the time zone of choice. You can go to “Profile>Identification>1. Basic Information” and change the setting to the time zone of your preference. Windows Modules NEW! Automatic updatesRead More →

Now with multiple agents on the same machine! Only two weeks have passed since our last release and here we are again offering you a bunch of new features that will enhance your productivity and enrich your remote support experience even further! Everything is free, of course and as always. Our community asked (a lot) and so we give: the same machine can now have multiple BASE Agents installed, whether from the same or from different BeAnywhere accounts. We have also added the possibility to drag files or folders into Windows Applets and Agents making simple downloads much easier. For the moment being these twoRead More →

Now with Blazing fast connection speeds and much more… It’s spring cleaning time, so we’ve cleaned out some bugs in our various product modules and brought you a shiny new version. Consider this as a maintenance release, full of corrections & enhancements, prior to a major summer update to the Windows console. That update will add, among other features, something greatly anticipated by our community: the possibility to install multiple BASE Agents on the same machine (each one for a different Helpdesk Center). Until then, please make the most out of this new version and send us your feedback through any of our channels! WINDOWSRead More →

The Support Express Management Area allows you to access all the information sent for the clients, so you can see in a very fast way the satisfaction degree. 1 – Go to Management > Surveys 2 – Choose one of your surveys. 3 – Now press “Show Report”. 4 – Here you have a global panorama of all the answers to your survey. You can print all the informaiton or save in PDF. 5 – If you want, you can see each of the answers given by your clients. Go to Reports – Surveys. 6 – Now select the survey. 7 – Here you canRead More →

Sometimes you’re at home and you need to send an important document from your office. Create a end user profile so your client can have access to the office’s computer. 1 – In the Administration Area, click in a technician and in identification choose the option “This user is a client” and save the changes. 2 – In the “Computers” tab, press “Add” and choose the computers you want to give access. Save the changes. 3 – Now go to . Click “Enter” and choose End User. 4 – Introduce the End User credentials and press “Login”. 5 – To access remotely to theRead More →

Within two months of the last release, we’ve launched a new version of BeAnywhere Support Express (6.00.09). Check the news and improvements of this service. 1 – Now you can click with the middle mouse button or use the CTRL Clic directly in a machine, to start the support session. 2 – Once you click, the connection will be established and you can enter in the remote machine. 3 – You can also generate MAC Agent instalator, directly from the Technical Console. Press “Add Computer”. 4 – Select the Device Type and press Generate Link. 5 – If you choose Microsoft Windows, the generated linkRead More →

Sometimes we need to record support sessions for future use. In the Administration Area you can see all the information and watch all the recorded sessions. 1 – In the Administration Area, go to Reports > Session History. 2 – Select one of the recorded sessions. It will open a new session page. 3 – Now click on the “Video” tab. 4 – To watch a session you just need to click on the video preview. 5 – The recording visualizer will appear. It has all the controls that you need. 6 – You can also save the video to watch it later. Press SAVE.Read More →

Support Express allows you to organize the several computers that you support in a simple way. Today we’ll learn how to create several computer groups directly from the Technical Console. 1 – Go to the console and open “My Computers”. 2 – In the white area, click with the right mouse button. 3 – Now click on “New Group”. 4 – Give a name to the group and press OK. 5 – After creating the group, you can change its name, move it or remove it easily.Read More →

With Support Express you have the possibility to create Calling Cards that can be used to send to your clients and have even more granularity in the support requests. 1 – Go to the Administration Area and press “Management > Calling Cards”. 2 – Select the Calling Cards group. 3 – Now press Generate/Edit. 4 – Choose the duration, expiration date, code numbers that you want to create and press Generate. You’ve just created new codes. 5 – You can also go to the Technical Console and generate a code from there. Press “New Calling Card” and then Generate. 6 – The generated code canRead More →